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UPDATE: For access to a recording of our New Parent Information Night that was held on June 30, 2020, for all incoming, new student's and their parents click the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87IkXE7CYbM&feature=youtu.be

Registration: During this time we can't bring prospective students into our school for tours and information. However, we are excited to tell you about our school and get ready for the new school year. If you are interested in applying, email the principal, Pam Pedersen at pam.pedersen@slcschools.org, to get some information and the code so you can apply right away. Thanks for your interest in Innovations!





·       We will continue to operate a "Drive-thru Meal Service" at 14 designated school sites for children to receive a "Lunch Today, Breakfast Tomorrow" combo meal each weekday during the summer from June 4 through August 19, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 

·       Families may contact our registered dietician, Brianna Hardisty, to determine site location and make additional arrangements if their student has special dietary needs (Brianna.Hardisty@slcschools.org). 

·       These meals will be provided daily, free of charge, to ALL children ages 0 to 18. Meals will be provided at the sites and times listed below. 

·       Additionally, we will continue to partner with the Utah Food Bank this summer to provide a shelf-stable Kids Café Dinner at 12 designated school sites. These additional meals will be served as part of our “Drive-Thru Meal Service” during the hours of 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.   

·       Note: Bryant Middle School, Clayton Middle School, Mary W. Jackson Elementary, Nibley Park School, and Riley Elementary, which have served as meal sites during the COVID-19 school dismissal will NOT be used as meal sites during the summer. These sites will close food service operations on June 4, 2020. 

·       Kids Café Dinner sites are marked with a red asterisk in the list below. 

·       Normal day to day program information can be found on the Salt Lake City School District Child Nutrition page or by clicking on the green "Child Nutrition Home Page" button above.  

·       For all questions and concerns, please contact the Child Nutrition office: (801) 974-8380. 



School Counseling Updates and Information: 

All Innovations students, please use Nicole's Canvas course to learn how to register for Fall 2020 Concurrent classes. Other information on school and dealing with stress can be found in her class: https://innovations.slcschools.org/academics/nicole-kioa-counselor-information/

**All information listed below is to help students continue learning while at home.**

If you have any questions please contact your mentor teacher. 




Math Teachers and Course Information




Science Teachers and Course Information



Social Studies Teachers and Course Information



Language Arts Teachers and Course Information




PE and Health Teacher and Course Information


Special Education and Art Teachers and Course Information




Weekly Update Sent 6/3/2020

What a year Innovations families! Can you believe today wraps the 2019-2020 school year? Congratulations to all of our students, we know that it wasn't easy but you did it! We look forward to celebrating with our graduates on June 12th and look forward to a new school year to see all our remaining students. WE WILL MISS YOU! Next year can only be better and we are looking forward to the start of a new school year.

RETURNING LAPTOPS, TEXTBOOKS, or CALCULATORS: TOMORROW and FRIDAY, June 4th and 5th is our return dates for any laptops, textbooks or calculators students have been using. If you are planning to attend the virtual summer school you may keep laptops and calculators until summer school ends. You can come tomorrow, June 4th from 9 am to noon or Friday, June 5th from 1 pm to 4 pm. Students who do not return textbooks, laptops, or calculators they have checked out will not be allowed to register for the upcoming school year. Seniors will not receive their diplomas if they have any outstanding items not returned.

Change is a part of life as well as goodbyes. This year we are saddened to say goodbye to some of our teachers.

Kathy Butler our P.E. and Health teacher is retiring. She will be relaxing and enjoy life to the fullest. Kathy has accomplished so much in her 39 years with the Salt Lake School District and Innovations, she is an icon and will sorely be missed. If you want to send her well-wishes please email at Kathy.Butler@slcschools.org

Kyndal Kruse our Biology and Earth Science teacher has taken another job and will be working in Granite School District. She will continue to educate and brighten the lives of students. We will greatly miss her wonderous smile and bubbly personality. If you wish to send Ms. Kruse well-wishes please email her at Kyndal.Kruse@slcschools.org 

Sarah Lafond our SPED teacher has taken another position at Mountain Ridge High School and will be their new Math Resource teacher. Though Sarah wasn't at Innovations long she made a huge impact with our SPED department and she will be missed. If you wish to send any well-wishes please email her at Sarah.Lafond@slcschools.org 

We love each and every one of these amazing people and know they are going to continue to do great things and make the world a better place. 

SUMMER SCHOOL: Summer school starts on June 8th and will run for four weeks. There will be two virtual assemblies on the first day and we ask that students attend one of the assemblies. The first assembly will be a Teams meeting held at 10 am. The second will be a Zoom call at 1 pm. Students will receive more information in a canvas email on how to join one of these meetings and can attend the meeting that works best for them. If you have yet to fill out the survey indicating you want to attend summer school you still can see the link below. If you still have questions or concerns please reach out to Mr. Walter (Chris.Walter@slcschools.org) or Mr. Ellis (Joie.Ellis@slcschools.org) 

Summer School Survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=iFl4W1nRVkKZxmR0oGlvEzYAu00sKmJHu0PLQdiz0YNUMzgxODFBTjNBNzJaU05XN1NDU0daT09JWS4u

YEARBOOKS: We will be having our yearbook day on June 10th. We ask that students come by grades to pick up their yearbook. 

  • 9th grade will be from 9 am to 10:15 am,
  • 10th from 10:20 am to 11:40 pm, 
  • 11th from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm, 
  • 12th from 12:35 pm to 1:15 pm. 

If you are unable to attend during your scheduled grade time please contact Amanda at Amanda.Johnson@slcschools.org to schedule a time. Students wishing to sign yearbooks will need to bring their own pen and pad of sticky notes. Sticky notes will then be placed into yearbooks. We will be asking everyone to maintain 6 feet of distance and wear masks. If you still wish to buy a yearbook you can at the yearbook pickup day for $15 NO CASH, CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ONLY!

GRADUATION: Another thing we weren't sure would ever happen is graduation. The graduation ceremony for Innovations class of 2020 is June 12th from 3 to 7 pm. Due to the curfew ordinance in place, we have elected to move the graduation up one hour in case the curfew is still in effect next week. We will be emailing the graduates very detailed instructions on the graduation and how to sign up to participate. Please keep an eye out for an email either later today or early tomorrow. 

VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMP: Current 9th graders are you looking for something to do this summer? GEAR UP has modified Game Changer Camp to a virtual camp. This camp is an exciting opportunity for students interested in learning about coding, textiles, design science, and programming. You will be designing a sweatshirt with textiles that you will be programmed to light up with the coding you develop. The camp is June 22nd - 26th. If you are interested you can learn more about it and apply here https://utahstars.usu.edu/camps/usu-stars-game-changer-camp You can also contact Amanda with any questions at 801-481-4947.

We hope you all have an amazing summer making memories! We are so excited for the new school year and look forward to the new adventure it will bring. Thank you again for an amazing school year that won't quickly be forgotten. We will be in touch! Go Inno! 

Student Shout-Out

One of our own students had an article published in the Salt Lake Tribune! Solangel Gonzalez wrote an editorial for her language arts class. She wrote about the school closings and the Salt Lake Tribune published it! To read the article Solangel wrote click on the link below! Nice job Solangel!




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