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Clubs & Activities

What is a club?
A student organization that meets during non-instructional time.

Who can start a student club?
Any Innovations student.

What kind of club can I start?
About any club can be started that follows the Board Policies. 

I-16 Policy information on school and student clubs can be found on the SLCSD website here: Board Policies 

The Salt Lake School Board distinguishes between two kinds of Student Clubs:

  1. School clubs are authorized in grades 7–12. School clubs are curriculum related and sponsored by Salt Lake City School District schools. They may receive leadership, direction, and support from the school and the district.
  2. Student clubs are authorized in grades 9–12, under state and federal laws and regulations, only for the purpose of granting a place within the school for students to meet during non-instructional time. Students initiate student clubs. Their meetings, ideas, and activities are not sponsored or endorsed in any way by Salt Lake City School District Board of Education, the schools, or school district employees.


School Clubs

I-16-School-Club-Application I-16-School-Club-By-Laws

Student Clubs

I-16-Student-Club-Application I-16-Student-Club-By-Laws



Innovations also has many activities throughout the year. Our school Senate puts together socials, services projects, and dances.
Along with Senate Activities we have Yearbook, Senior Award Night, and Graduation.