Innovations Concurrent Enrollment Scholarship


How does the team determine who receives a scholarship?

Each application will be reviewed using the same rubric. That rubric is available in the office for parents and students to view.


How often does my student need to apply?

Students will need to apply for every semester that they are taking concurrent enrollment courses and would like to be considered to receive funding.


What will the scholarship money be used on?

Funding will go towards Concurrent Enrollment tuition, books and supplies. This scholarship cannot be applied to Early Enrollment tuition, books or supplies.


How does my student receive their scholarship?

Innovations will work directly with the Salt Lake Community College to pay for what the student has earned funding for.


What if my student doesn’t meet all eligibility requirements for the scholarship?

We encourage all interested students who meet a majority of the eligibility requirements to apply. Funds will be distributed to students who score highest on the rubric first.


Is preference given for grade levels?

No, all students will be graded on the same criteria and rubric and will be awarded scholarships based on those factors.


What if my student fails one of their courses?

If a student fails their course, they are required to refund Innovations the cost of the tuition, books and supplies and are not eligible to receive scholarship funding the following semester.   


What if my student loses or damages one of the books?

All books are property of Innovations and are to be returned at the end of the semester. If the books are lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the student is responsible to pay the cost to replace the textbook (new purchase price).

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