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Please attend our Parent Information Night to get the application code. If you missed the Information Night please email the principal for additional information Pam.Pedersen@slcschools.org.    


Registration Information

 Welcome Back! Please read the following information for the 2020-21 school year. 

Registration is ALL online this year - You will not come into school. 

If you are unable to complete this process at home, please call the office at 801-481-4947 to make other arrangements. 

Registration Information: 

  •  https://apex.slcschools.org/apex/f?p=1999:1:0:::::&tz=-6:00https://apex.slcschools.org/apex/f?p=1999:1:0:::::&tz=-6:00  

  • The registration pin: if you need one please email Amanda.johnson@slcschools.org 

  • Complete all forms online. There is no need to bring documents into the school. All forms can be signed electronically. 

Please upload or update these items during the online registration process: 

  • 2 things that show proof of address (examples – bills, rental agreement) 

  • **Phone numbers for family and emergency contacts (work, home, cell) along with email addresses** (We will verify phone numbers to ensure effective communication this year) 

  • Immunization records and birth certificate if you are new to Innovations  

  • School fees will be handled once we are back in school. This CAN’T be completed online.  

Fee Waiver Application Forms: 

Fee waivers will be handled electronically this year. Please complete the form online.  

Once you have completed the online registration process:  You will be contacted to set up an appointment with your mentor teacher to start working on your student’s educational plan and schedule. 

Please recognize we are not currently in the building and are trying to make registration and the beginning of the year the best that we can. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Reach out to us if you need help or have questions, 

~Innovations Staff 


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