Drivers Education

If you have questions about Drivers Ed or need to sign up for drivers please contact Mr. Brien at  

Getting a permit:

  1. Must be 15 years old to take the permit test
  2. $15.00 fee paid at the DMV
  3. I can do the permit test here at Inno. I do those tests B days at 1pm. They have 3 chances to pass the test with me, after that they need to go to the DMV to take the test. To take the permit test with me they must be 15 and enrolled in the course.
  4. A student must have their permit 6 months and be 16 before they can get their license.
  5. A student must have proof of legal residency in Utah in order to get their license.


  1. To get credit for the course they must finish 70% of the assignments at 80% or better. This will earn them a grade of “P”. If they would like a letter grade then they must finish the entire class.
  2. Once the course work is finished I put in the DMV site that they have finished the course if they submit a copy of their permit. I cannot enter that they have passed the course until they obtain a permit and give me their permit number.


  1. I drive Inno students A days at 2:30. We meet in front of the school. The sign-ups to drive are in my classroom. They must have cleared the fee before they can drive.
  2. I do tell students that want to drive and the signups are full to just show up and if a student does not show they can take their place.
  3. All drivers must have their permit with them when driving.
  4. There is a $120.00 fee or fee waiver for the class. They must have cleared the fee before they can drive.
  5. Students do not have to drive with me, but the cost to go private can be anywhere from $300.00 to $600.00 depending on who they go with. A private company cannot do behind the wheel hours and the test. They have to go to two separate schools for that. Once they go private I am not allowed to drive them, they must finish up private.
  6. They need to finish the online simulator called StreetSmarts to complete their drives.
  7. For the first drive, I only allow the students to sign up once. After they show up and drive then they are allowed to sign up multiple times. If they fail to show up for a drive and do not communicate this to me before the drive, then their name is erased for any drives they may have signed up for at a later date.
  8. If they pass the test with me and finish all the requirements I print them a certificate and they take it to the DMV to obtain their license.


  1. Once a student graduates they have until Sept. 1st to finish with me after that I cannot drive them.
  2. If a student is 19 they only need to go to the DMV and take the driving test.
    1. If they are 19 and enrolled in school then I can drive them, the Sept. 1st rule does not apply to 19-year-olds. Once they graduate and are 19 I am not allowed to drive them.
  3. At 18 a student does not have to wait for the 6 month permit period to get their license, it is only 3 months.
  4. When going to get their permit/license this is what is needed:
    1. Original BC, Social security, or refugee/Asylum documents, and a legal guardian with a valid Utah license who will accept financial responsibility---If under 18
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