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Counselors are dedicated to helping all students develop skills in the areas of self knowledge, interpersonal relationships, educational and occupational exploration, career planning, post secondary education planning, scholarship and financial aid advisement. Counselors assist students in developing a plan for their education and future career. 

Counselor: Nicole Kioa 

  • To schedule an appointment with Innovations school counselor please email her at:

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UTAH FUTURES is Utah's career information system for students, job seekers, employment service providers, educational institutions, and more. UtahFutures features cutting edge career planning tools, leading labor market information, job search success skills, education and training options, and direct inks to Utah employers and current employment opportunities. Follow the links below to learn how to use UtahFutures from college to career readiness to scholarship searches to career exploration.







PREPARING FOR COLLEGE See resources for PDF instructions

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