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Please explain the context and forces that motivated you to create "Innovations High"? What are the guiding principles and philosophy?

Our goal is to provide a framework for students within our district to meet their educational needs and unique learning styles and to reengage students from the traditional high schools, home schools, and full-time online students. Additionally, we evolve with changing technologies and are responsive to educational reform efforts.

Why now?

Current legislation and the changing technologies are creating disruptions in the education system. We are choosing to innovate through these changing times. The evolution of this school is both a proactive response to ever-changing legislation as well as an effort to lead out locally and nationally in a way that allows us to design, create, and control this unique educational space. Our students expect us to meet their ever-changing needs.

Why in this way?

The blended-learning flex model, using a digital curriculum, is an efficient pedagogical approach that allows is to meet the individual needs of each student. Instruction using this model is delivered through a classroom teacher using digital curriculum that is web-based (online) in a face-to-face setting.

Will the teacher or the student be responsible for updates on class lectures, lab dates, etc.?

As in any of our high schools, the teacher is responsible for delivering instruction, providing disclosure documents, communicating with parents and students, and providing student progress updates.

Innovations Early College High School is located in the same building as the Career and Technical Center (CTC). Why did you choose to work with them?

Innovations High shares a new building with the CTC. The access to CTC courses and higher education courses creates a powerful synergy. CTC courses that lead to industry certifications provide a different approach to assist students to be career and college ready. The transition to higher education and career pathways becomes a reality through this partnership.

Can you give more details on the blended learning-flex model?

The blended learning-flex model incorporates highly qualified teachers and a digital curricula to deliver a personalized learning environment for each student.

Blended courses are:

  • not traditional "distance education" courses;
  • not entirely online;
  • not simply traditional classes with a website;
  • not just transferring information to the World Wide Web; and
  • not all alike.

Blended courses involve an extensive course redesign in which online time replaces some classroom time. Many different formats and schedules are possible. Most importantly, this methodology represents a shift in instructional strategy.

Blended Learning course and traditional courses; what is the difference?

Students will be enrolled full-time at Innovations. Some courses may be delivered in either a blended format or traditional format. If a student needs a unique class that cannot be delivered at our site such as band, choir, or automotive, they have the option to take a course at our traditional high schools: East, West, and Highland High Schools. Additionally, students may take classes at both the CTC and SLCC.

What will my schedule look like?

Daily attendance will include being on campus where teachers will be available for individual and small group instruction as needed. You may also have classes at East, West, or Highland. Schedules are flexible and may be different for every student. The student's "at school time" will be spent working individually, working in groups with other students, and working with a teacher (one-on-one or in groups).

Can I participate in clubs and athletics at my boundary school?

Yes, you may. A student may go to their boundary school for participation in sports or specialized clubs not offered at Innovations. For example, an Innovations student could go to East's chess club meetings and participate. Or if a student were on the soccer team at West, they would be able to practice and play for West. Innovations offers a variety of student organizations and clubs to keep you socially engaged and involved. We provide many ways for you to stay connected including advisory periods, group projects, field trips, organizations, and student clubs.

What about meals?

The district nutrition department provides meals at Innovations..

Do you offer AP/Honors classes?


It sounds as if students can take as many classes as they want at IHS, is this correct?

Our students will have the capacity to earn 8 credits in a school year. If they choose, they can complete more, just as any student in a traditional school may choose to do.

Will the credits earned be transferable to other districts?

All credits earned would be treated as credits earned at other high schools in our district. Credits are fully transferable to other districts. We are honored that Innovations High School Early College High School has been accredited by AdvancED, and we comply with all AdvancED standards for quality.

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